“A transition is a vital period of adjustment, creativity, and rebirth that helps one find meaning after a major life disruption.”

Bruce Feiler

Transitions include endings, letting go, change, and beginnings.

We all experience numerous transitions throughout our lifetime.

Transitions shape us, our roles, our routines, and our relationships.

Four Types of Life Transitions


Anticipated transitions are life events that you expect to occur in your life. Maybe you are starting or graduating from college, beginning your career, getting married, or relocating to a new city.


Unanticipated transitions are events that are unexpected, often sudden, and typically not planned for as they are not a part of your life vision. Maybe you have been involved in an accident, developed a health problem, were laid off from a job, or lost a partner or family member.


Non-event transitions include the absence of an expected event. You may have expected these transitions, but they didn’t occur or didn’t happen when you wanted them to, altering your life. Maybe you did not get into the university you had your heart set on, did not get married, were unable to have children, or didn’t get the job you set out to achieve.


Sleeper transitions occur so gradually that you may not be aware of them or their progression. These types of changes may go unnoticed for a while. Maybe you are experiencing the deterioration of a relationship, losing passion for your work, or being disconnected from your purpose and values.

Ultimately, change and transition touch each of us in a myriad of ways along the journey of life.

Yes, transitions can bring stress, chaos, and uncertainty, yet they can also greatly enrich our lives in ways seen and unforeseen.

It is my joy and privilege to walk with you when you need it most; change is often hard, and you don’t need to do it alone.


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